My research interests lie in better understanding the relationship between an individual’s health and work, with a focus on older ages. My research is focused in two major areas. One explores the role of health on disability and retirement transitions. The second explores cognition and cognitive decline over the life course.

My research is generously funded by NIA, The Sloan Foundation, the National Bureau for Economic Research, and the Social Security Administration.

Published Papers

Domingue, B. W., Belsky, D. W., Harrati, A., Conley, D., Weir, D., & Boardman, J. (2016). Mortality Selection in a Genetic Sample and Implications for Association Studies. bioRxiv, 049635.

Harrati, Amal. “Characterizing the genetic influences on risk aversion.” Biodemography and social biology 60.2 (2014): 185-198.

Clarke, Christina A., and Amal Harrati. “Life Expectancy in California’s Diverse Population: Recent Estimates by Race/Ethnicity and Neighborhood Social Class.” Meeting California’s Retirement Security Challenge. 2011.

Work in Progress

Characterizing work, disability and health in work-life: A multi-state approach

Exploring the role of cognitive decline on retirement decisions: A Mendelian Randomization approach

Mortality selection in a genetic sample and implications for association studies (with B. Domingue, D. Belsky, D. Conley, D. Weir, and J. Boardman)

Assessing the relationship between subjective and objective dementia probabilities using genetic risk scores (with S. Modrek and D. Rehkopf)



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